How To Build Your Own Robotic T-REX

In November 2020, I introduced Planet Codebot’s first unique Lego Mindstorms creation: Rex.

Standing at 24 cm tall and 48 cm long, Rex is a towering robotic Tyrannosaurus. Comprised of around 450 pieces, Rex is built exclusively using parts from the Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit. The design features motorised legs, jaws and tail, all of which are fully controllable.

Planet Codebot’s Youtube video showing Rex has become our most popular upload to date, gaining over sixteen thousand views since its launch. You can see the original video linked below.

Since then, I have received so many requests from viewers, hoping to build Rex themselves. This was an incredible compliment to receive, but also a problem. Rex was built spontaneously. No instructions or record was made of the build process. The only thing available was a 30 minute ‘break down’ video, which was recorded while Rex was deconstructed.

After hearing Bricklink Studio suggested as an excellent resource to create a build guide, I decided to take on the challenge.

Bricklink studio is an incredibly powerful and useful tool, which allows the user to design and build just about any Lego creation imaginable. There is a wide library of parts, which click into place when put together.

As Bricklink doesn’t come with the Robot Inventor 51515 parts list as standard, I used the parts list and parts downloads from Anton’s Mindstorms Hacks, which was an excellent resource.

In total, designing Rex in Bricklink Studio took approximately 10-15 hours to complete. This involved many frustrating attempts to link large separately built sections together. As you can see from the finished renders below, the final version looks absolutely stunning.

Of course, the main reason for starting this project was to create a set of build instructions. Thanks to Bricklink Studio’s built in instruction designer, a step by step guide now exists.

Planet Codebot’s goal is to create and share fun resources, which are available to everyone. As such, the 3D files and step-by-step instructions to build Rex are available to download for free. You can view and download the guide by visiting the Bricklink Studio Gallery link here, or by visiting Planet Codebot’s Google Drive folder.

If you decide to build Rex, please share your finished model with us on our Twitter page @planetcodebot

Planet Codebot’s Google Drive – Completely Free Files

James @PlanetCodebot

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