Custom Build – Rex the Robotic Dinosaur

The Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit has some incredible models to make right out of the box. However, the true joy of Lego surely has to be found in making your own creations. Lego has been inspiring children (and adults) to build whatever they can dream of for nearly 90 years.

Inspired by the Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor competition being held by Lego Ideas’, its time to share our design.

Robotosaurus Rex

Rex is our robotic dinosaur. A tyrannosaurus rex to be precise. The model is created entirely with pieces from the Robot Inventor Kit. Standing 24cm tall and 48cm from nose to tail, Rex is a big robot.

The model four motors: two to control the legs, one to open the mouth and another to swing the tail. Rex has two small arms, that can be displayed or folded away into it’s body. Rex can be controlled remotely. It can currently roar and swing its tail. Rex’s legs are capable of moving, but it isn’t capable of full walking (just yet).

Rex uses an adapted version of the legs from Gelo. The legs have been extended to make them longer and twisted approximately 60 degrees. The ‘feet’ have increased in size too, helping with stability. The model is able to balance by itself, without any external support.

The total build time was somewhere between 5-10 hours, during which the model went through many revisions and improvements. 

As Rex is a custom build, there are currently no instructions. If you would like to know how Rex is built, please contact Planet CodeBot.

You can see Rex in action, and hear a little bit more about the model, in our YouTube video below.

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